Fast-Track Your Client Experience

Improve predictive analyses, streamline decision-making, and increase consulting efficiency. Drive smarter business outcomes in less time and with fewer resources.


Create measurable long-term value for customers

Verified Information
Access verified business information & consumer mobility patterns to reliably measure, track, and compare the competitive landscape around any location of interest.
Growth Opportunities
Add growth opportunities to your go-to-market strategy, and develop POS-level action plans to improve performance.

Power well-informed business decisions in minimum time


Dive into granular levels of insight that unlock untapped opportunities. Upgrade your market research without the data overwhelm.

Optimize & Outperform

Discover differentiating solutions that help clients meet business goals, optimize savings, & outperform the competition.

Reduce Costs

Reduce operational costs, increase ROI, and enhance service quality.


Why Echo

  • Access ready-to-use geospatial data, prepped for insights.
  • Effortlessly integrate Echo datasets into your existing ones.
  • Enjoy a hassle free switch from a different provider.
Expand Your Reach
+60M locations worldwide
+95% Polygon Coverage
Activity Data across all 195 countries
Opt for Quality
We employ a vigorous cleaning process and leverage our proprietary algorithm for data structuring
Skip to Insights
We aggregate terabytes of data into light & powerful data files, so you don’t have to.
Access Plug & Play Geospatial Datasets

How companies are benefiting with Echo

Asif Khan, founder and CEO of GroundLevel Insights

We weren’t seeing the volume that we needed in order to have the application work effectively.

It was a big challenge for us.

With Echo, I could say it’s at least a 20% increase.


Echo Analytics partners with CARTO to make geospatial data available to everyone

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Other Industries



Drive Retail Success with Location Data.

Strengthen site selections, analyze consumer journeys, and develop competitive intelligence to drive retail success.


Marketing & Adtech

Capitalize on Consumer Insights.

Target the right audience at the right location, at the right time. Accurately measure the impact of your campaigns, optimize ad spend, and ensure a higher campaign ROI.


Data Analytics

Fast-Track Your Client Experience.

Use Echo’s POI-rich data intelligence to fuel your catchment area analysis and gain a competitive edge in real estate.
 Identify the most profitable locations for your next investment, evaluate your area of interest’s growth potential, and optimize pricing with the help of Geospatial Data.

Access Plug & Play Geospatial Datasets

Without the heavy lifting