Echo Analytics Partners With Crosswind: Uniting Expertise. Amplifying Impact.

Echo Analytics Partners With Crosswind: Uniting Expertise. Amplifying Impact.

Echo Analytics joins forces with Crosswind to unlock geospatial data’s full potential and deliver unparalleled data solutions.

An industry specialist in location intelligence, Crosswind geo-enables businesses, providing custom solutions across the DACH region, expertly serving diverse sectors like Energy, Mobility, and Telecommunication.

Their expertise?

Geographical information analysis and address data optimization. 

In addition to providing customers with a wide variety of geospatial data and geocoding services, they also excel in applying geoanalytical and geostatistical methods to (geo)data, and visualizing geospatial information in (non-)interactive visualizations. 


Echo Analytics POI Data
Echo's POI Data for Zurich, Switzerland, April 2023: density of clothing stores (orange) and grocery stores (blue), visualized in 3D (top) and 2D (bottom), including pop-ups for selected POIs.

Source: Crosswind


Adam Ejsmont, Co-founder & COO of Echo Analytics:

“We are particularly excited to start our partnership with Crosswind.

Having known André and his accomplished team for a while now, we believe their deep-seated understanding of location intelligence combined with our Places, Shapes, and Activity Datasets will unlock significant potential, bringing unmatched value to those looking to make smarter, more innovative decisions.”


Echo PLACES Data
Echo's PLACES Data for Munich, Germany, April 2023: hot spot visualization of Echo's retail POIs (light color = high density of retail POIs, dark color = no retail POIs).

Source: Crosswind


André Bruggmann, Co-CEO of Crosswind, is excited about the new opportunities through the partnership with Echo:

“Echo’s high-quality POI data represents a previously missing piece in our already comprehensive geo database (i.e., Crosswind Geobase), and helps us and our customers to understand space even better.

Whether it is through Echo’s POI Places Data or, for example, Echo’s Activity Data that helps understand activities and movements of people in and around POIs (e.g., for POI-weighted location decisions).

We are already very much looking forward to working even more closely with Adam and his highly competent and motivated team at Echo Analytics.”






Address: Crosswind GmbH, Technoparkstrasse 2,8406 Winterthur, Switzerland


Experience the Impact:


Running a business without geospatial data is like navigating blindfolded, akin to a ship sailing without a compass.

Companies that want to work smart and act fast capitalize on location intelligence to get a clear view of their environment and leverage it.


Join in on the journey to elevate your possibilities. 

Eliminate guesswork and avoid missed opportunities.

Embrace geospatial data and drive better business outcomes in less time and with fewer resources.


The future of data-driven decision-making is here, and it’s powered by geospatial intelligence.


Leverage it now.


Access Plug & Play Geospatial Datasets


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