UK-based research company, BMG cuts cost on Bubble Gum study using our Footfall Data


BMG research, independent provider of market research, works with a major brand to measure the effectiveness of anti-litter campaigns.

Measuring the footfall in a particular location is one of the crucial methods to understand the behavioral patterns of that place. It not only drives up your sales but also helps you forecast the upcoming trends in traffic. When research company BMG was appointed with the task to count how many people passed down the street in an area targeted for an anti-litter campaign, they initially resorted to manual methods that could be time and money consuming. We recognised an opportunity here and realized that Geospatial Data could significantly help BMG with their research.

The Challenge

BMG wanted to understand the footfall in an area to get a better insight into how an anti-litter campaign would perform. At first, they measured the number of people in the area of the billboard campaigns using counters on lamp posts. This alone posed several inconveniences. For example, it required the manual effort of installing and removing, which also costs a lot of money. On the other hand, since the process of counting was manual there was always a high chance of it being inaccurate which would then ruin the purpose of the research. The challenge here was then to find a method that is cost effective, accurate, and quicker in extracting results. As they wanted to improve their methodology, BMG reached out to Echo Analytics for solutions.

The Solution

We wanted to conduct a reliable Foot Traffic analysis for BMG. We helped them identify how many unique visitors entered the location, their mobility patterns, and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. We resorted to our Activity Dataset to analyze the footfall data and here’s how it helped:
    • Accuracy – Unlike manual counts, our Activity Dataset pools in information about real world mobility within a precise time frame. This helps detect the most specific Foot Traffic information in and around the specified location.
    • Time saving – We approach monitoring traffic through a closed-loop process of mapping out locations and observing behavior patterns. This reduces the time spent on manual work, significantly. Our client no longer needs to put in the extra effort of installing or removing devices, instead focusing on utilizing the data for their purpose.
    • Cost efficiency – Another benefit of using our dataset is that it can be delivered to you anywhere you are, without the need for you to spend money on movement and installation. It meets your budget and can also help you save cost by doing away with manual work.
    We created a custom report for BMG that focused on the behavioral patterns of the visitors which helped them better evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. As a result, BMG was able to achieve what they had set out to achieve. They bought another dataset and implemented it as a standard approach for market research study.

Our Takeaway

For us, this partnership has been definitely a huge success as well as an interesting learning curve. It was a good opportunity to understand how footfall data help in making marketing strategies more effective and create the path for relatable communications. If you want to know more about how we work with footfall data, contact us here.

About BMG

Established in 1988, BMG Research is a leading independent provider of market research services to the UK public and social sectors with over 100 experts based in Birmingham, Glasgow and London. They work in partnership with their clients to deliver market research solutions and Omnibus surveys. They combine leading-edge methodologies, social research and deep public sector knowledge to solve the client’s challenges, shape government policy and positively impact society.
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