POI Data on Curated Commercial Locations Worldwide

Simplify your access to clean, precise, and verified business information on the locations of your choice. Lead proactive changes. Innovate faster.

Insight-ready POI Data to empower your business

To put it simply, without geospatial data, businesses run blind. Companies that want to work smart and act fast rely on location intelligence to better understand their environment. 

With Echo, you get access to millions of  POIs in the physical world with attributes like names, addresses, categories, and opening hours.

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without the hassle

Raw, unprocessed data, requires a lot of work from data science teams to be usable. At Echo, we do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. 

And, no more juggling providers for multiple countries: Echo is the one-stop solution for your data needs across geographies.


How Companies Are Leveraging Places


Identify businesses near your focus area and understand market currents.
Optimize resources and maximize your ROI.
Map out the competition and uncover the most profitable locations for your next stores.

Marketing & Adtech
Better understand your customer behavior to run cost-effective marketing campaigns. Identify the best neighborhoods to reach your ideal customers and optimize ad spend. Outline competitors to better understand the brand landscape.
Take the right products to the right POS at the right time. Improve demand sensing to boost sales, improve customer engagement and reduce costs. Better prepare for demand disruptions, and identify untapped growth opportunities.
Data Analytics
Accurately assess target environments to improve predictive analyses, streamline decision-making, and increase consulting efficiency. Develop an on-demand market view, accelerate value generation, and fast-track your client experience.

What you get with Echo’s Places Package

High Accuracy
Global Data Coverage
Plug & Play Delivery
Consistent Service

Places Data Schema

Places Data Sample

Access Plug & Play Geospatial Datasets

How companies are benefiting with Echo

We needed POI data that was as granular as possible, regularly updated, and with detailed categorization, that allowed us to build vertical-level solutions

Why we switched to Echo:
  • Breadth and coverage of data.
  • Ease of data ingestion.
  • Licensing costs and GDPR compliance.
The Impact:
  1. We have run multiple successful POCs with clients using the data from Echo Analytics for OOH campaigns.
  2. 10%+ of all our campaigns have used activation strategies using POI level data since we launched the data last month

Echo Analytics partners with CARTO to make geospatial data available to everyone

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Enrich Your POI Data With Our Other Products

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Access Plug & Play Geospatial Datasets

Without the heavy lifting